"Fenner Wind Farm"     20" X 24" Hops On Seneca Bee’s Sheep Late Fall Approaching Brown’s Farm Colored Chicken Belted Cows Stern’s Pasture Feed Wagon Cow Path At Dusk Late Fall II Up Maple Road Rooster I The Homestead Old Barn and Corncrib Cows Grazing Three Cows October Grazing Two Chickens Grazing Cows Rooster II Maple Road Sky The Ravine Autumn On Ridge Road Along Ridge Road Autumn On North Lake Geney’s Poppies Around the Feed Wagon Three Chickens Cows Off Route 20 Rooster In Garden Cazenovia Lake Reflections Side Creek Carpenter’s Pond Line Leader Caz Lake Burlingame Clouds Stern’s Pasture Holmes Road Shephard’s Road Right of Lorenzo Rooster Strut Big Little Caz Lake Gypsy Bay Looking Southeast Sailing Day Looking South Caz Lake Sunfish Junior Fleet Orange Peeled Pomegranate and Pears Iris and Eggs Cup and Pears Enter Chickens Nearing Dusk

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